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We set out years ago to share our knowledge with young adults about how to achieve financial independence in your life. We know how much stress and frustration can come from trying to figure out how to manage your money. Never fear we are here to help you learn how to eliminate those feelings by creating a financial plan that will help you prepare for the life you want to live. 

Throughout this course, you will learn a ton about the financial world that will make you feel confident when it comes to preparing for your financial future such as:

How to build a million-dollar fortune

The three-phase path to financial independence

Money Basics

Budgeting and identifying your magic number

The right way to think about car purchases

Housing: when to rent vs buy

Understanding and utilizing long term investing

How to build your own financial dashboard

Understanding the right things to do in the right order to reach financial independence

However, this course isn't just about learning...

As you go through each module you will be building your own financial plan that you can follow on your own path to financial independence.

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Chapter 1: Million Dollar Plan

In this chapter we will show you the Net Worthy way to set yourself up to grow you savings to one million dollars! Shocking... we know, but it is 100% possible with the financial knowledge and discipline we are going to share with you. In this chapter you will learn:

What Is financial independence?

How to utilize compounding interest to your benefit

How to use the Net Worthy financial independence calculator

The two-step approach to starting your financial journey

What is net worth and how to calculate yours

Chapter 2: Three Phase Path to Financial Independence

Net Worthy breaks down the path to financial independence into 3 phases. Each phase relates to a different stage within your financial journey and we'll share how to move from one stage to the next! In this module we will cover:

The differences in the financial world today vs. the past

The 3 phases of the financial independence journey

How to calculate and build your emergency fund

Utilizing the snowball & avalanche strategies to eliminate your debt

The basics of building up your net worth

Chapter 3: Money Basics

This chapter is all about the 2 important skills you need to continue down your path to financial independence: how to earn an income and what to do with your money once you have it. In this module we cover:

How to choose the right bank accounts

 Understanding the difference between commercial banks and credit unions

How to get organized with your finances

Credit cards and strategies on how to use them

Credit scores, improving your credit, credit card benefits, choosing the right credit card, credit card utilization, & the Net Worthy golden credit card rule

How to protect your finances

How to choose the right health insurance for you

Training your brain on the right way to save money

Understanding, identifying, and preventing irrational financial thinking

Financial planning for your future self

Chapter 4: Budgeting / Magic Number

Budgeting, everyone's favorite subject… not really, but in this chapter, we will show you the Net Worthy 4 step budgeting strategy to help you feel comfortable and confident in the way you spend and save your money. In this chapter we will cover:

The Net Worthy 4 step budgeting cycle

The best apps you can use to help you budget

Understanding and determining your magic number

How to take advantages of financial "windfalls" and pay raises

The difference between supplemental and passive income

How to shift your thinking to a budgeting mindset

The two types of spending

How to use the Net Worthy reoccurring bills calculator

Understanding intentional spending

The importance of only buying what you can afford

Chapter 5: Cars

Everyone love cars. Cars become a big unnecessary financial burden that can extend the time it will take for you to reach financial independence. In this chapter we will help you redefine the way you think about purchasing cars and what it can mean for your future self. In this chapter we cover:

Understanding the net price concept and how to use it

How to decide if you need a car

Best ways to purchase a car

How to select a used car

Strategies to drive car costs down and what this can mean for your financial journey

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Chapter 6: Houses

The question on everyone's minds: When should I buy a house? Here we take you through some thinking exercises to determine if buying a house is the right choice based on where you are at in your financial journey, as well as calculators to help you determine if you can actually afford one. Included in this chapter:

Understanding financial readiness

Determining income & employment stability

Should I rent or buy

How to think about location when it comes to buying a home

How to use the Net Worthy home buying calculator

How to choose the right home for you

Understanding mortgages

Building home equity

Chapter 7: Long term investing

In this chapter we talk about the right way to invest your money… safe long term investing. In this chapter we cover:

How to utilize tax-advantaged accounts such as 401(k)s/ TSP-type plans and IRAs

The difference between "Traditional" & "Roth" accounts

Workplace retirement plans vs IRAs

The impact of investment fees on your returns

Target-date funds and how to utilize them

The power of consistent investing

When to invest yourself or call in a pro

Chapter 8: Your Financial Dashboard

This chapter brings everything you have learned together and helps you create your own financial dashboard that will keep you moving through each of the 3 phases of your financial journey as quickly as possible. Included in this chapter:

How to identify debt inventory & monthly payments

Using the Net Worthy financial dashboard & building your own

Chapter 9: Right Things / Right Order

The final chapter before we send you on your way to financial independence! Here we review all that we have learned and compile it into the full financial roadmap that you can follow all the way to financial independence. In this chapter:

The easy to follow financial road map

Identifying where you are on the road map

More financial wisdom!

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Our Guiding Principles

  • Designed for Millennials - Not just a bunch of text written for your parents, by your parents.

  • Actionable Insights You Can Use - Get a clear understanding of what to do NOW, not just things you’ll need to know “someday.”

  • Expert Advice You Can Understand - No dry mumbo-jumbo, just the stuff you need to know in multiple learning formats to cover any learning style.

  • Comprehensive Coverage of Personal Finance - Learn everything you need to know to handle your finances and achieve financial independence, so you don’t have to go sifting through endless articles and videos on every different topic.

Introducing the Personal Finance Mastery Program

The Personal Finance Mastery Program includes our signature interactive video course, handbook, and online tools – everything you need to reach financial independence. Throughout the course, you’ll find easy-to-understand and actionable financial guidance you can put into practice right away. We know that achieving your financial goals can seem an even more daunting task than usual during the current global pandemic. However, the fundamentals of personal finance and methods to achieve financial independence have not changed. Now more than ever, you need to follow tried and true principles and systems in order to achieve your goals. The world has changed, but the core fundamentals of personal finance have not. Because of that, our steadfast belief that each and every one of you can be financially independent hasn’t either.

The Problem With Personal Finance Today

After we got our first “real job” and were responsible for ourselves, we realized that we didn’t have a solid, practical understanding of how to manage our personal finances. Simply put, our generation never received the level of financial education we needed. Many of us have good jobs, but still struggle to keep up with expenses, living paycheck to paycheck and not saving for the future. Without a basic understanding of personal finance, one small mistake can end up costing you a lot more money in the long run. As Millennials, we’ve experienced a world of uncertainty and we didn’t have the tools to navigate our finances successfully. That ends now. Our mission at I Am Net Worthy is to empower every member of our generation to achieve financial independence. Let’s do this!

Learn to navigate your financial future with confidence.

Follow a proven path to live the life you really want. Establish financial security and stop worrying about your future. Develop a clear plan to achieve your financial goals. Gain a foothold from which you're not only able to take care of yourself, but help others who need financial assistance as well without worry. Stop obsessing about the here and now, just paying the bills and living paycheck to paycheck, and start looking forward to the future!

Education is Empowerment

Stop living from paycheck to paycheck or depending on others to meet your basic needs. When you learn the fundamentals of personal finance, you can take control of your financial future and transform your life. In our interactive video course, you’ll learn exactly how to develop a stable financial foundation – in any economic environment. Whether you are struggling with debt, ready to buy your first home, or uncertain how to invest your savings, we’ve got you covered with practical guidance for every financial situation. Like the people we’ve helped in our video below, you’ll become more confident in your ability to navigate your finances and chart the course of your life ahead. Our Personal Finance Mastery Program doesn’t offer one-on-one coaching, but you’ll go through the same proven process designed by Millennials for Millennials to transform your finances and your life. You'll learn everything you need to know to create a plan for yourself - that suits your goals. We aren't here to tell you what to do, we're here to teach you what you need to know.

What's inside the course?

Our interactive course is designed by Millennials for Millennials to teach you the fundamentals of personal finance. We’ve developed and refined the course over countless iterations to provide actionable and relevant information that you can put to use right away. Throughout the course, the basic concepts of personal finance are presented in multiple formats to improve retention and meet the needs of your particular learning style. In additional, revised and improved from our 5-star rated book “I Am Net Worthy”, the Personal Finance Guidebook is provided with access to the program as well. The guidebook is a road-map and ready reference to guide you to financial independence.